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Pyhäniemi Manor

Address: Rantatie 708, 16730 Hollola Show map

Address: Rantatie 708, 16730 Hollola

Pyhäniemi Manor is one of the most culturally significant manor milieus in Finland. You can sense the early 20th century manor atmosphere in this empire style building enclosed in a beautiful English style garden and grove landscape on the shore of Vesijärvi.

After a few years on hiatus, the historic Pyhäniemi manor opens its doors to the public. The manor milieu offers high-class concerts. Once a site for filming for the Suomi-Filmi studios, the manor or "Hollywood in Hollola" as it was called is one of the most valuable manor milieus in Finland in terms of cultural history. This empire style manor milieu is located in the middle of a beautiful broad-leaved forest on the shore of the Lake Vesijärvi, only a few kilometers from the parish village of Hollola.

Manor`s facilities are suitable for high-class parties and also small groups` high-rate meetings can be arranged in Pyhäniemi Manor. Main building`s reception facilities are in two floors. Downstairs of main building you can find hall, music room, library, dining room and tea room. At the upstairs there is in addition of hall eight separate rooms that join together with double doors.

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