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Around the Tiilijärvi lakes (Tiilijärvien ympäri)

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Around the Tiilijärvi lakes is a route that goes around three lakes with great swimming places. Along with lake and forest landscapes swamps and duckboards can be found on the route. The route is mainly easy to travel, about 8,6 kilometers long and takes about four hours.

The scenic route (8,6 kilometers) snakes around three Tiilijärvi lakes (Vähä-Tiilijärvi, Keski-Tiilijärvi and Iso-Tiilijärvi). There are duckboards on swamps in two places and several very good swimming places. The water in lake Iso-Tiilijärvi is cristal clear. There is a steep ascent and descent In Tiirismaa that make the route more challenging. There are several break points on the route aswell.

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Nearby accommodations


Kerttula | Jarvin Oy

Distance: 4 km
Kerttula is cozy wooden cottage, located in peaceful and quiet place on the shore of lake Vesijärvi. There is only 20 min drive away to Lahti, and a little bit more than 1 hour to Helsinki.

Villa Aleksi | Jarvin Oy

Distance: 3.9 km
Villa Aleksi is spacious log villa made by Finnish Mammuttihirsi company. It has facilities for accommodation of 10 guests, so even bigger companies can stay together and relax from hustle and the bustle of big cities.

Messiläntupa | Jarvin Oy

Distance: 3.8 km
Cozy roundlog cottages in Messilä holiday village offer fun things to do for the whole family year around!