Päijänne National Park

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Päijänne national park is a chain of ridge islands located in the areas of Asikkala, Sysmä and Padasjoki. In the national park you are able to see beautiful beaches and lake landscapes, birds, fishing culture, hiking history, rock paintings and the observation tower of Päijätsalo. Päijänne national park is suitable particularly for visitors by water in summer.

The pristine waters of Lake Päijänne wash the sandy shores of chains of islands formed by an esker ridge that dates back to the Ice Age. Take a boat trip or rent a kayak and explore the park's many islands and their sandy coves and rocky shores.

Päijänne national park is situated in southern Päijänne and about 50 islands and islets belong to it. The heart of the national park is Kelvenne, which is one of Finland's biggest and the most magnificent ridge islands. There goes a ridge through Kelvenne which is 9 kilometers in lenght, and also a nature trail, which introduces to the island's variable nature that is shaped by ice age.

There are several marked hiking trails (2–30 kilometers in lenght), in winter, the ice conditions permitting, a skiing trail maintained by the municipality of Padasjoki on the ice of Lake Päijänne (14km), in summer, routes for boating and canoeing. The national park was founded in 1993. The total area is 14 km2 in size.

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