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The Torittu Village Smithy Museum

Address: 17710 Torittu Show map

Address: 17710 Torittu

The Torittu Village Smithy Museum is located in the village of Torittu in Padasjoki.

According to documents, the village of Torittu at Padasjoki had a blacksmith at least in the 18th century. The last blacksmith to work at the smithy hill was Juho Kustaa Kauren (1879 -1955), and the last residents of the smithy property were Irja Lindholm and her niece. After the death of Irja Lindholm in 1982, the municipality bought to the property and gave it into the care of the Torittu village association. The association maintains the site and its buildings and holds the museum open for the public in the summer.

The original buildings of the museum and its yard with traditional plants form a pleasant and natural setting. Located in the area are the main building from the 19th century, a storehouse, sauna, stable and hay barn. In the 1980s, the smithy and washing shelter, torn down in the 1950s, were reconstructed in the locations of the original structures. The smithy is in use, and demonstrations of forging and training courses are held there.

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