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Learn to know mushrooms | Best Lake Nature Adventures

On this autumn mushroom trip you get to know some common mushrooms.

We pick some mushrooms and learn how to handle and cook them. You can take your own mushroom basket and knife with you - or borrow them from the guide. It is important to wear suitable shoes (rubber boots or hiking boots) we are going to walk in forest a couple of hours.

​Trip duration is app. 3 hours. We are walking in variable forest ground.

Special terms and conditions of service provider:
Trips needs to be booked at least two days in advance. If trip is cancelled less than 24 hours before the starting, the payment will not be refunded. The trip will be arranged if minimum 2 persons will participate. The trip will be confirmed 2 days in advance. If the trip will not be arranged the payment will be refunded in full. All the changes and cancellation needs to be done through Lahti Region Ltd.

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