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The Kalkkinen Canal- historical sights

Area: Asikkala  Map

Attractions | The Kalkkinen Canal is located in Asikkala, in the village of Kalkkinen. The Kalkkinen Canal was built in 1875–1878 mainly for log floating and was renewed in 1961-1964. Over...

Kalkkinen Church

Area: Asikkala  Map

Attractions | Kalkkinen Church is the centre of village Kalkkinen in Asikkala. The village church of Kalkkinen was built as a chapel in 1909-1910 and consecrated as a church in 1961. It wa...

The Harju Heritage Landscape Farm- historical sights

Area: Hartola  Map

Attractions | Guided botanical outings are arranged at the Harju Heritage Landscape Farm. Over 300 different plant species are known from the lands of the farm, which are a traditional biotop...

The Cottage Museum of the Shoemaker Heikan Jussi

Area: Hollola  Map

Attractions | The Cottage Museum of the Shoemaker Heikan Jussi is located in Hollola, in the village of Herrala. This museum is the bequest of the shoemaker Juho Mäkäräinen, or Heikan Juss...

The Cemetery of Kirkk'ailanmäki- historical sights

Area: Hollola  Map

Attractions | The Cemetery of Kirkk'ailanmäki is in the village of Untila, on Jarvalantie road after the bridge crossing the Hämeenlinna-Lahti highway, and there is a large stone erected as a...

Church of Reconciliation

Area: Hollola

Attractions | Church of Reconciliation is located in Salpakangas, in the municipal center of Hollola. Church of Reconciliation was completed in 2010 and it is the main chruch of Hollola pa...

Kärkölä Church

Area: Kärkölä  Map

Attractions | Kärkölä Church is located in the historical village of Kärkölä. Designed by the architect Ludvig Isak Linqvist in the Neo-Gothic style, the church was built of brick in 1887-...

The Kärkölä Local Heritage Museum

Area: Kärkölä  Map

Attractions | The Kärkölä local heritage museum is situated in the park of Huovila manor, near the village of Kärkölä Church. The park and the museum offer an experience for visitors and t...

The Railway Builders' Cemetery- historical sights

Area: Kärkölä  Map

Attractions | The Railway Builder's Cemetery is located in Järvelä, south of Lake Hähkäjärvi. During the years when the Riihimäki - St Petersburg railway line (completed 1870) was under co...

Artjärvi Chruch

Area: Orimattila  Map

Attractions | The present church of Artjärvi was built in 1840. The design of the church was influenced by the Empire style and it is of cruciform floor plan with a tower at one end. It is th...

The Artjärvi Local Heritage Museum

Area: Orimattila  Map

Attractions | The Artjärvi Local Heritage Museum is the oldest museum of its kind in the Päijät-Häme region. The land for the farmhouse museum area was donated in 1923 by Gustaf Alexander and...

Kuivanto Church

Area: Orimattila  Map

Attractions | Kuivanto Church is located in the village of Kuivanto in Orimattila. The villagers of Kuivanto had wished to have their own chapel since the 18th century. Kuivanto Church was...

The Tönnö Museum Bridge- historical sights

Area: Orimattila  Map

Attractions | The Tönnö museum bridge, the only site of the Finnish Road Museum in the Päijät-Häme region. The arched bridge is 37 metres long and 6.5 metres wide and was designed by Jalmar C...

Archives of Urho Kekkonen- historical sights

Area: Orimattila  Map

Attractions | Archives of Urho Kekkonen are located in Niinikoski in Orimattila. Archives consists of records donated by president Urho Kekkonen (1900–1986) and smaller private collections...

Enni Ids Cabin- historical sights

Area: Padasjoki  Map

Attractions | Enni Ids cabin is located in the village of Kellosalmi in Padasjoki. The small home of Enni Id (1904-1992), a naivistic artist of Padasjoki, at Seitniemi is a total work of a...

The Granary Museum

Area: Padasjoki  Map

Attractions | The local heritage museum of the Padasjoki-Seura association is in a former granary on Laivarannantie road in the main village of Padasjoki. The granary was built in 1850 to ...

The Torittu Village Smithy Museum

Area: Padasjoki  Map

Attractions | The Torittu Village Smithy Museum is located in the village of Torittu in Padasjoki. According to documents, the village of Torittu at Padasjoki had a blacksmith at least in ...

Eko (Echo) Mano

Area: Hartola  Map

Attractions | Eko Manor is located near the centre of Hartola, at the mouth of River Tainionvirta. The East Häme Adult Education Institute is in the yard area of the former Eko (Echo) Mano...

Virtaa Manor

Virtaa Manor

Area: Sysmä  Map

Attractions, For groups | Manor of Virtaa is located in Sysmä, at the Virtaa village, next to Tainionvirta river. Manor of Virtaa offers manor accommodation for groups but also cottage accommodation in c...

Olga's farm

Olga's farm

Area: Iitti  Map

Attractions, For Children | You will meet donkey, cows, alpacas, sheep, goats, bunnies, horses and chickens in Olga's farm. Open during the summer. September-October only open for groups by appointment.

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