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Nature paths в Lahti Region - 31 совпадения

Around the Tiilijärvi lakes (Tiilijärvien ympäri)

Район: Hollola  Карта

Nature paths Around the Tiilijärvi lakes is a route that goes around three lakes with great swimming places. Along with lake and forest landscapes swamps and duckboards can be found on the r...


Район: Hartola  Карта

Nature paths The Ekonpolku nature trail takes you by the Tainionvirta river and the most beautiful scenery in Hartola. You will see the fertile and barren shores of the river and lake Jääsjä...

Evo hiking area

Район: Padasjoki  Карта

Nature paths The Evo Hiking Area covers about 8 500 hectares in total, making it one of the largest forest areas in southern Finland. In Evo, you can hike along marked routes, and spend the ...

Evo hiking area | Aurinko-Ilves route

Район: Asikkala  Карта

Nature paths Aurinko-Ilves –route (Sun-Lynx -route) takes the hiker from the beautiful scenery of Vääksy canal and Asikkala urban area by paths and old forest roads towards the Evo hiking ar...

Evo hiking area | Karhulenkki

Район: Padasjoki  Карта

Nature paths The Karhulenkki goes around Kelkutteenharju scenery at Evo. The trail is a medium and the entire trail lasts 3 hours. Along the route are information boards with the proverbs. I...

Evo hiking area | Päijänne-Ilves route

Район: Padasjoki  Карта

Nature paths The Päijänne–Ilves trail starting from the Padasjoki Guest Harbour is a connection to the Evo Hiking Area. The scenery of the trail is pleasantly diverse, and you can continue t...

Evo hiking area | Savottapolku trail

Район: Padasjoki  Карта

Nature activities, Nature paths The Savottapolku trail is one of the trails in the Evo Hiking Area. The theme of the trail is the history of logging the area and its hermit inhabitants. The Evo Hiking Area is ...

Ilvesreitti | Hiking trail

Район: Heinola  Карта

Nature activities, Nature paths Ilvesreitti is a 12 kilometers long hiking trail from Jyränkö Heinola to the Vierumäki Sport Institute.

Juustopolku | Hiking trail

Район: Heinola  Карта

Nature activities, Nature paths Hiking trail between Vuolenkoski, Iitti and Heinola.

Jymylinna nature trail

Район: Orimattila  Карта

Nature activities, Nature paths The Jymylinna nature trail is situated in the ridge area of Mäntylä. The nature trail is about 2 km in length and follows a jogging track. The trail is marked with painted spots...

Kairessuo - Mieliäissuo

Район: Orimattila  Карта

Nature paths The Mieliäissuo nature trail is situated in a Natura 2000 area, and it is a nationally valuable swamp area. You can encounter several types of swamps along the route, as well as...

Kammiovuori Trail

Район: Sysmä  Карта

Nature paths Kammiovuori Trail, 3,8 km, is situated in Vintturi, 24 kilometres north of the village of Sysmä. You can admire the scenery of Lake Päijänne from the top of Kammiovuori Hill. At...

Karkkula nature trail

Район: Orimattila  Карта

Nature paths The Karkkula nature trail winds through the rugged cliffs of Terriniemi and along the beach of the scenic Lake Mallusjärvi. The area has plenty of information boards of differen...

Lammi nature trail

Район: Orimattila  Карта

Nature paths The Lammi Nature Trail is 3 km long and was completed in autumn 2002. The trail winds around Lamminsuo Swamp and ascends about 90 metres to the top of Lamminkallio Hill, which o...


Район: Lahti  Карта

Nature paths The Lapakisto conservation area covers an area of 230 hectares, of which 18 hectares is covered by water. There are many places worth seeing in the Lapakisto area. One of the mo...

Lehmusreitti Trail

Район: Lahti  Карта

Nature paths The Tilia Trail (Lehmusreitti) is a park path that circles around the city centre. The trail is about 12.5 km in length and marked on trees with linden leave signs. The path pas...


Район: Sysmä  Карта

Nature paths Ohrasaari is easily reachable nature site. It’s located in the vicinity of Sysmä parish and its surface area is 26.1 hectares. Ohrasaari is 2.7 km long illuminated jogging path ...

Old Vääksy Village | Enskala, children's fishing spot

Район: Asikkala  Карта

Fishing, Nature paths Children's fishing spot. Enskala is a nature trail between the River Vääksynjoki and the Vääksy Canal. There you can find fishing spots intended solely for children. Elsewhere, ...

Old Vääksy Village | Vääksynjoki Nature Trail

Район: Asikkala  Карта

Nature paths Take a walk down the Vääksynjoki Nature Trail and discover the flora and fauna in Asikkala and the area’s special characteristics. Information boards along the trail provide inf...

Päijänne National Park | Kelvenne ridge island

Район: Padasjoki  Карта

Attractions, Nature sights, Nature paths [...] Kelvenne is a ridge island in the Päijänne National Park, through which a hiking trail passes.


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