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Ace Corner Finland

Район: Lahti  Карта

50-100 persons, Special destinations, Restaurants Ace Corner Finland is the first Ace Café-family’s café outside of London.

Amarillo Lahti

Район: Lahti  Карта

Restaurants, Nightlife Amarillo serves every week the city's best Tex-Mex and rocking partying. Sometimes there are live gigs and DJs spinning the dics. Burgers, fajitas, bolillos, wings, 'dillos ... ...

Bar & Bistro Seurahuone

Район: Lahti  Карта

Restaurants, Nightlife Bar & Bistro Seurahuone is located in Solo Sokos Hotel Lahti Seurahuone on the ground floor. The main pillars of Bar & Bistro are respect for the customer, the taste of life, re...

Bistro Popot

Район: Lahti  Карта

Cafes, Restaurants, Lunch restaurants New restaurant in the city center. Lunch, wine bar, retro delicacies and trendy street food.

Bus Burger Salpakangas

Район: Hollola

Restaurants American style diner in Salpakangas, Hollola.


Район: Lahti  Карта

Eat and Drink, Restaurants Busburger is American fast food restaurant, which serves hamburgers, Mexican, Tex-Mex and vegetarian food. Busburger is child friendly, you can have takeout there, and there is ...

Cafe Restaurant Laakeri

Район: Padasjoki  Карта

Cafes, Restaurants Cafe Restaurant with A rights in the centre of Padasjoki.

Cafe-Restaurant Taukotupa

Район: Hartola  Карта

Cafes, Restaurants Cafe-Restaurant Taukotupa offers homely fares and self-made pastries.

Coppa Eatery

Район: Lahti  Карта

Lunch restaurants, Restaurants New charcoal grill restaurant by the main street of Lahti. The menu features charcoal-grilled main courses, pizzas, salads and desserts.

El Banco Bar

Район: Lahti  Карта

Restaurants, Nightlife El Banco Bar is a Latin American restaurant for the lovers of good drink and street food.

Fresno American Diner

Район: Lahti  Карта

Restaurants Fresno American Diner is a restaurant that takes you a taste trip all the way to the California. Fresno offers selection of barbecue foods, burgers and salads.

Heinolan Heila

Район: Heinola

Authentic flavours, Cafes, Lunch restaurants [...] Heila serves Finnish flavors directly from Finnish producers. At the lunch table you can sigh and sit down as delicious lunches are served to the tables. We serve lunch and deli...

Helin Pizzeria ja Kebab

Район: Heinola  Карта

Eat and Drink, Lunch restaurants, Restaurants Heli's Pizzeria and Kebab offers lunch buffet on weekdays. Offers also pizzas, kebabs and salads.

Helin Ravintola

Район: Heinola  Карта

Eat and Drink, Lunch restaurants, Restaurants [...] Helin ravintola in Heinola is located in a historical building. Restaurant offers tasty lunches and delicious A' la carte menu. Restaurant with beutiful garden and terrace off...

Hello! American Diner

Район: Lahti  Карта

Restaurants Hello! is fast casual -restaurant, where is combined authentic 1950 American diner-atmosphere, perfect burgers and company of friends.


Район: Lahti  Карта

Lunch restaurants, Restaurants Authentic Nepalese flavours.

Hotelli Kumpeli

Район: Heinola  Карта

Eat and Drink, Restaurants The restaurant offers delicious a'la carte menu with a beautiful landscape.

Hotel-Restaurant Uoti

Район: Sysmä  Карта

Restaurants, Lunch restaurants Uoti is a hotel-restaurant in the heart of Sysmä. Atmospheric hotel has eight double bedrooms. Every room can be arranged for one, two or three person.

Itä-Hämetalon Ruoka- ja juhlapalvelu

Район: Heinola  Карта

Eat and Drink, Lunch restaurants, Restaurants Restaurant offers tasty lunch buffet on weekdays. Catering services also available.


Район: Hartola  Карта

Restaurants Jari-Pekka Hartola 24h service station offers good and diverse service, and food services are available round the clock.


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