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Old Vääksy Village | Vääksy Canal

Адрес: 17200 Vääksy Показать на карте

Адрес: 17200 Vääksy

Vääksy Canal is a popular tourist attraction. It is one of the busiest recreational inland waterways in Europe. Vääksy canal connects Lake Vesijärvi with Lake Päijänne, and was built between 1868-1871.

The canal is about 1.3 kilometres in length with a lock gate in the middle. The difference in water level between the two ends of the canal is about 3 metres. Yachts and boats also pass under a lifting bridge.

There are museums, cafes, kiosks and restaurants located close to the canal, as well as footpaths along the banks.

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Близлежащие гостиницы/жилье

Private accommodation

Villa Kuotaa (FI6010.619.1)

Расстояние: 2,8 км
Chalet by Lake Päijänne, 130 km north of Helsinki.

Jukola | Ala-Heikkilän Loma-asunnot (FI6010.627.1)

Расстояние: 4 км
Log cottage by Lake Vesijärvi, 32 km north of Lahti.

Kurjenmiekka | Ala-Heikkilän Loma-asunnot (FI6010.628.1)

Расстояние: 3,9 км
Log cabin by Lake Vesijärvi, 32 km north of Lahti.