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Vuorenkylä Nature Trail

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The Vuorenkylä Nature Trail takes you on a four km long route around the small mountain, Purnu. Along the trail you can see fertile groves of small-leaved limes, hops, and hazelnut, as well as rocky caves. From the hill looking towards the lake Päijänne and the heights surrounding, you can see magnificent Kalevala-type scenery.

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Близлежащие гостиницы/жилье


Vesan villa (FI6460.608.1)

Расстояние: 16,6 км
Log cabin by an artificial pond, 55 km northwest of Heinola.

Kartanomäki (FI6460.604.1)

Расстояние: 15,9 км
Wooden house by Lake Uurajärvi, 25 km north of Heinola.

Tainan tupa (FI6460.607.1)

Расстояние: 17,3 км
Log villa by Lake Suojärvi, 55 km northwest from Heinola.