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The Päijänne–Ilves trail starting from the Padasjoki Guest Harbour is a connection to the Evo Hiking Area. The scenery of the trail is pleasantly diverse, and you can continue to the other trails of the area from Evo. You can also navigate the trail in the other direction, and visit the waters of Lake Päijänne and its hilly scenery at the Padasjoki end.

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Близлежащие гостиницы/жилье


Kartanomäki (FI6460.604.1)

Расстояние: 15,8 км
Wooden house by Lake Uurajärvi, 25 km north of Heinola.

Tainan tupa (FI6460.607.1)

Расстояние: 17,4 км
Log villa by Lake Suojärvi, 55 km northwest from Heinola.

Vesan villa (FI6460.608.1)

Расстояние: 16,7 км
Log cabin by an artificial pond, 55 km northwest of Heinola.