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Адрес: Suurijärventie 77, 18600 Myllyoja (Heinola) Показать на карте

Адрес: Suurijärventie 77, 18600 Myllyoja (Heinola)

With Koirakikka customers can feel the north in southern Finland! Koirakikka is a program service company that operates in southern Finland offering dog sled rides with pure Siberian huskies. Rides can be implement with booking regardless of the size of group, so individual people are also welcome! Dogsled rides are suitable for everyone. Sitting in sled, small children ride with adults. In sled there are reindeerskins that you sit on, but warm clothes are necessary.

Season usually starts at December and ends in March but there is always reservation for weather conditions. If there aren´t snow, then rides can`t be implement. But even then customers can visit Koirakikka in Heinola and see the dogs.

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