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Amazing Lahti city adventure | Fenix Adventures

Адрес: Fenix Ohjelmapalvelut Oy, Alv rek. FI20933705

Адрес: Fenix Ohjelmapalvelut Oy, Alv rek. FI20933705

Amazing Lahti is absorbing team race which can be described as a combination of Amazing Race and geocaching.

The task is to find the last checkpoint and reach the finish line first. During the race the competitors tries to find clues and riddles and solve given tasks. Then piece by piece the location of the finish line is coming to team’s knowledge. However, Amazing Lahti isn’t a running competition. Strong team spirit, focus and genius are needed in order to find and solve the tasks. Beside the written competition material the teams are also going to have GPS devices. The race is pretty much all moving around but basic shape should be enough.

Duration: 2-3 hours.

A common start is from Pikku-Vesku park where competitors leaves either on pairs, teams or individuals depending on the final number of participants. Amazing Lahti is a speedy and sporty city adventure.

Service providers booking and cancellation policy:
The trip takes place if minimum 10 persons have signed up for it. The trip is confirmed 4 days before. If the trip doesn’t take place the payment will be returned to the customer completely.

Customer can cancel the trip free of charge by 3pm the day before activity. In no-show cases charge is by reserved activity. In any change or cancellation cases the booker must contact Lahden Seutu – Lahti Region Oy.

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