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Old Vääksy Village | Kanavan Panimo, brewery

Адрес: Meijeritie 1, 17200 Vääksy Показать на карте

Адрес: Meijeritie 1, 17200 Vääksy

An artisan brewery at the Päijänne house, in the old premises of a dairy. Brewery tours available. During the summer season, a pop-up terrace is set up.

Kanavan Panimo is described as artisan brewery that prepares artisan beers in the heart of idyllic Vääksy. It was founded in 2016, when the Karlstedt brothers were inspired to turn their passion – food and beer – into a business. The brewery pride of Old Vääksy is also a champion of locally produced goods and uses local malt grain from Viking Malt and unmalted grain from the farmers of Päijänne Tavastia. Local berries, herbs and roots combined with their own recipes are a perfect combination for producing tasteful seasonal beers.

The beers, and the Slovak brewing equipment that’s used for the production, are the only ones of their kind in Finland. A couple of important aspects for the brewery are preserving a small carbon footprint and cherishing the European beer culture in respect of the teachings of an Estonian master brewer Enn Kärblane.

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