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Address: Kipparinkuja 2, 15140 Lahti
Location: Lahti
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Hostels and other lodging | An experience, unavailable to many: unbounded freedom, and an excursion to Finland’s cleanest lakes. Where you steer the houseboat, with whom, and for how long, is all for you to decide. (you don’t need any license to drive) Our Botel is both a luxury yacht and a comfortable home. Square windows will replace your big portholes, and balconies - spacious decks. Luxury apartments, a kitchen, a dishwasher, a gas grill, a Finnish sauna, and hydromassage bath with heated water and lighting effects.

Accommodates guests: 4
Bathrooms: 1
Bedrooms: 2
Beds: 4
Type of housing: Floating house

Be a captain!
Have you ever wanted to stand at the helm of a ship? Did sea legends and films about pirates thrill you as a child? Your dream is just a one-hour tutorial away – you’ll learn to pilot a large ship and feel like an explorer of the seas. Casting anchor, tying boating knots, taking wind speed into consideration, and getting the hang of navigation – these useful skills will be at your fingertips. By the end of your journey, you’ll be a true sea wolf – an unforgettable experience!

Be an adventurer!
Over 1000 square kilometers of freedom and adventure await you – and that’s just the lakes alone! Visit Lake Päijänne’s eponymous national park, with 50 islands with iconic shores and intact natural beauty for a mind-blowing experience. Want to try something different instead? Sightseeing in Finnish towns is just for you! Round off the experience with a tasteful dinner at a harbor restaurant.

Be a discoverer!
What’s a better way to get to know the Finnish lifestyle and nature than planning your own route and exploring unknown shores? Prepare for a new perspective on Finland, with 450km of navigable waterways and 1886 islands in Lake Päijänne alone – all at your disposal. Swimming in crystal-clear water, sunbathing, and setting up unforgettable picnics are included

Be a hunter!
Make a memorable dinner for yourself and your loved ones! Lakes Vesijarvi and Päijänne are home to 32 types of fish. The unique paths and trails allow for not only the best fishing experience, but also an ideal “silent” hunt – after all, Finland is one of the most mushroom- and berry-rich places in the world. Nothing beats the taste of freshly caught “prey”, or just a store-bought steak, cooked on a grill aboard a ship, complemented with a glass of wine on the veranda of our house, surrounded by water and nature.

Be the fastest!
Want to try something extreme and get your adrenaline pumping? We’ll organize whichever water sports your heart desires. Have you ever driven a specially powered, 330HP jet ski? Our sports jet ski took part in the World Championship on behalf of the Finnish team, and is prepared just for you.
On top of that, you can try out flyboarding, sup boarding, water skiing, kayaking, speed boating, or just cycling along the shore.

Indelible experiences await you!
Forget all your worries in the sauna, and relax in the spa!
Like spa complexes, but are tired of the busy city life? Have some time away in our spa, in the midst of a lake, or by a shore out in the wilderness. A real Finnish HARVIA log sauna and a hydromassage bath with night-time lighting await you on the stern. A must-try!

Pamper your body with a healthy and restful sleep!
What’s a visit to Finland without taking the time to appreciate the ecology? Research by the World Health Organization (WHO) has shown, that the air in Lakeland is the cleanest worldwide. Moreover, Lakeland boasts tranquility like just few other European places, and this peaceful environment is Finland’s touristic hallmark.

Clean air and peace of mind are the key to achieving spiritual harmony – restful sleep and a stress-free environment will recharge your batteries like nothing else. Sleep tight!

Think of something greater!
Start your day with a golden sunrise, and prepare for another unforgettable day gazing at the peachy sunset sky. Dock your boat at the shore, and let your mind wander, as you explore an intact forest in all its natural beauty – a unique opportunity to bring home gifts of the Earth and to capture the moment through a camera lens. Watch the fishing float bob on the surface of the water. Often, it’s the little things in life that help us reach enlightenment.

Be free!
Traffic jams, deadlines, timetables, meet-ups, loans, contracts, obligations.. Aren’t you sick of it all?
This is the perfect getaway opportunity! Escape a hectic lifestyle and pamper yourself! Have a good night’s sleep, swim in crystal-clear water, sunbathe, fish, relax in a hot jet massage tub, and enjoy an authentic sauna.

Here, you make the rules! What to do, where to swim, and where you choose to start and end your day is all for you to decide.

Feel safe!
According to the World Economic Forum, Finland is the safest and calmest country in the world. A feeling of security is the key to psychological wellness, so take advantage of this unique opportunity, and treat yourself to a break in a tranquil corner of the Earth. The accommodation we offer – a house on water – was built in compliance with the European Recreational Craft Directive EN ISO 8666 EC 94/25/EY, which will guarantee that you’ll be safe and sound – whether you’re on board, or exploring nature.

Get closer to your loved ones!
Got someone who has a special place in your heart? Take them with you on this memorable holiday! Every moment with the dearest people in your life is valuable. What’s a better way to bond than to gaze at the sky in awe as the sun sets, together? Hold hands, and let the feelings that unite you flow.
A glass of wine and a succulent dinner on the deck are the finishing touch in immortalizing these magical moments – both in your memory, and on photo.

Return home with your batteries recharged!

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Tel. +358 (0)207 281 760

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Aleksanterinkatu 18, Lahti
(Shopping Centre Trio)
Tel. +358 (0)207 281 760

Tourist Information

Tel. +358 (0)207 281 760

Tourist information Service Point

Aleksanterinkatu 18, Lahti
(Shopping Centre Trio)
Tel. +358 (0)207 281 760
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