Bikepacking tip | Ride your bike to Vääksy, return on a ship

Адрес: Meijeritie 1, 17200 Vääksy Показать на карте

Адрес: Meijeritie 1, 17200 Vääksy

In the summer, Päijänne-Risteilyt Hilden’s route ships sail on Lakes Vesijärvi, Päijänne and Ruotsalainen between Lahti and Heinola in both directions. It is a moment to celebrate when you step on board a ship after a proper bike ride, see the sights from a new perspective and maybe have a nice dinner.


In practice, all ships allow bikes on board for a small additional fee, but it’s a good idea to let the shipping company know in advance. You should also check out the directions and departure times of the ships on different days. Hilden’s Lahti–Heinola–Lahti ships leave Lahti in the morning and return in the evening. In both directions, they stop at the Vääksy canal, which means that you can also take the cruise to Vääksy and then ride your bike back to Lahti.

The lightest alternative is to ride your bike from Lahti to Vääksy and then jump on board the ship at Vääksy canal where the biking distance is approximately 25 km. The journey by ship takes approximately 90 minutes.

When heading towards the north from Lahti, you can ride on a pedestrian and bike path on the side of road 24 until Kukkila and Kalliola in Hollola. From that road, you should turn west to Paimelantie on the northern side of Kalliola school. There are many old buildings and other sights along the scenic route crossing an old village, and you can see the shore of Lake Vesijärvi from many points along the road.

Paimelantie merges again with road 24 at the Vesivehmaa intersection, at the border of Hollola and Asikkala. You should still choose the smaller road instead of road 24 and continue towards the Vesivehmaa village centre because there is a pedestrian and bike path on the side of road 3131, and the old village road is prettier and safer than the busy main road.

After the village and the school, soon before the Jenkkapirtti dance pavilion, you will encounter the intersection of road 313 that leads east to Urajärvi and Vierumäki, and west to Vääksy through Anianpelto. There is a pedestrian and bike path planned on the side of road 313, and the construction work has started between Anianpelto and Loukkuharju. The completed bike path starts from Anianpelto a few kilometres before the Vääksy commercial centre.

When arriving at Vääksy, you will first encounter supermarkets and other larger services and approximately a kilometre from the Vääksy canal. When route ships stop there, they welcome new passengers on board.

There are several cosy cafés and restaurants near the canal and Vääksyjoki River. The old Vääksy town centre is located approximately 1 km northwest from the canal next to the impressive Aurinkovuori hill. The climb on Vääksyntie offers a view of the Vääksynjoki River and the Watermill Museum. There are several nice boutiques on top of the hill, including clothes shops where you can grab a clean shirt for your return journey on board the ship, if necessary.

If you have the energy to climb to the top of the Aurinkovuori hill behind the school centre and sports hall, you will be greeted with a stunning view of the landscape moulded by the Ice Age and views to both Lake Vesijärvi and Lake Päijänne.

Download the route map as a PDF file. The route for this suggestion can be found on the map between Lahti and Vääksy, where the final destination of the route and the starting point of the return journey on board the ship has been marked with 1. Add the address of Päijännetalo by the Vääksy canal to your navigator. You can hop of the ship heading to Lahti on the opposite bank of the canal.

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