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Адрес: Kartanontie 77, 17150 Urajärvi Показать на карте

Адрес: Kartanontie 77, 17150 Urajärvi

Urajärvi Manor Museum in Asikkala is a wonderful destination for cyclists and lovers of culture. If you ride from Lahti to Urajärvi and back, it’s a good 58 km. If you continue your journey along the Second Salpausselkä ridge, you will reach Vierumäki and the services of the Sport Institute of Finland in Heinola.

Lahti—Paimela—Vesivehmaa—Urajärvi Manor—Vierumäki—Mäkeläntie—Ahtialantie—Möysä—city centre, 73 km.


From Lahti to Vesivehmaa
When heading towards the north from Lahti, you can ride on a pedestrian and bike path on the side of road 24 until Kukkila and Kalliola in Hollola. From that road, you should turn west to Paimelantie on the northern side of Kalliola school. There are many old buildings and other sights along the scenic route crossing the Kalliola and Paimela villages, and you can see the shore of Lake Vesijärvi at many points along the road. You can go for a swim in Lake Vesijärvi on the village beaches, too.

After Lake Vesijärvi, Paimelantie follows the Paimelanvuori ridge and then merges again with road 24 at the Vesivehmaa intersection at the border of Hollola and Asikkala. The best option is to choose the smaller road and at the intersection continue straight across road 24 towards the Vesivehmaa village. There is a pedestrian and bike path on the side of road 3131, and the old village road is prettier and safer than the busy main road. When heading north on Vesivehmaantie, there are a few steep hills.

After the village and a school, for instance, you will again arrive at the intersection of road 313. To the east, the road leads to Urajärvi and Vierumäki. To the west, it leads to Vääksy through Anianpelto. A pedestrian and bike path is being planned next to the road but for now only signs have been implemented in the direction of Urajärvi.

You should turn east along Urajärventie. The first few kilometres of the road run along Vesivehmaankangas, which is one of the massive deltas of the Second Salpausselkä ridge that were created by the melting stream waters of the Ice Age. There you will pass Vesivehmaa airport, which is the only airport in the region of Päijät-Häme. The ride to the Urajärvi village, approximately 5 km, must be by the side of the road.

The final kilometre or less to the Urajärvi Manor area travels along a historical gravel road, where at the thin and narrow tyres of road bikes are put to the test. However, walking your bike is worthwhile for the fabulous manor setting.

Nature and culture at Urajärvi
Urajärvi Manor is located on the shore of Lake Urajärvi and is protected in the Natura 2000 programme. The manor has a large park in which the previous owners, Hugo and Lilly von Heideman, had a scenic path with different rest places, decorative statues and structures built. The interior of the manor, with all of its original artefacts, has a genuine 20th century atmosphere. A visit to the manor is not complete without a guided manor tour and stroll in the park—and don’t forget a break at the Hugo&Lilly café. By the manor’s lakeside, you can go for a swim at the historical bath house.

Urajärvi is located in the northwestern part of the vast Hyrtiälänkangas delta. Like Vesivehmaankangas, Hyrtiälänkangas is part of the Second Salpausselkä ridge. The Hyrtiälänkangas delta is part of the national ridge conservation programme, and its steep ice-facing hill rises approximately 50 metres above the level of Lake Urajärvi.

Towards Vierumäki
If you wish to continue your journey, you can head east towards Vierumäki from Urajärvi. The journey continues along the Second Salpausselkä ridge, first on Hyrtiälänkangas and then on the third vast delta of the route, the Vierumäenkangas delta. All three deltas are important groundwater areas.
The distance from Urajärvi to the Vierumäki centre is approximately 8 km. Vierumäki has a village shop and a bar that you can visit. Just before the village is the large Matkakeidas petrol station. The recently completed roundabout on road 140 has removed stop signs from the intersection and made the crossing safer. The journey to the Sport Institute of Finland continues for 3 km along Vuolenkoskentie until the turn to Urheiluopistontie. The pedestrian and bike path on the side of Vuolenkoskentie is in great condition and encourages fast riding.

At the Sports Institute, you can refuel at the café. You can also take a swim at one of the area’s beaches. You can also spend a longer time and hike the nature trails along the narrow ridges next to small lakes on the northern side of the institute. The activities at the institute range from swimming, kayaking and SUP boarding to Flowpark and horseback riding, so maybe you should consider staying the night. You can also continue the 14 km from Vierumäki to the charming centre of Heinola to the landscape of the national urban park.

From Mäkelä to Ahtiala
When riding towards Lahti, you should return through Vuolenkoskentie to Vierumäenraitti, the old Heinolantie (140), for approximately 4 km. From there, the route turns to Mäkeläntie. With the hills of Mäkeläntie, it’s fairly safe to get up a good speed for the next incline when going downhill as there are no big bends on the road. In addition, other traffic in the countryside is moderate. When crossing Nastola, the name of the road changes to Seestantie and finally in Lahti to Ahtialantie, along which you can ride to Möysä, which is located just outside the city centre.

Add the address Kartanontie 77, 17150 Urajärvi to your navigator.
The address of the Sports Institute of Finland is Urheiluopistontie 400, 19120 Vierumäki.

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